The first segment of the IoU project is taking place in France, as an ersatz for China, or rather a training camp. By shifting perspectives (artistic/geological/anthropological), our project is in essence a nomadic work-in-progress. In order to reach full maturity, this project needs to be discussed on many levels. We chose to open the discussion to a Committee Community in order to have a good grip on the way the content might come across depending on the context where it is shown.

iou committee whiteb

Then, after a long discussion on the mathematical concept of Interaction Over Union with Yohann Benchetrit, we decided to use this reference as a basic concept for IoU’s logo. IOU black logo

This led us to think of specific mechanical properties this work might involve. After some discussion, we reached an agreement: our game is a first-person explorer, with point-and-click, maze, puzzle and psychedelic adventure mechanics. Of course, the field of psychedelic adventure being but a niche market, we might have to better define it in order to reach out for the appropriate audience. Below is a working sheet used to prove the basic mathematic theorem enabling explorations to lead closer or further to the “goal”. As such, the idea of implementing “goals” in the game seemed unnatural, perhaps because we are two classical artists, perpetually thinking outside the box. However, we decided to establish some kind of rule in order to enable humans exploring this digital artwork to feel like they are on the verge of solving a mystery rather than simply be lost in a surreal space. TEMPLATE GAME MECHANIC IOU

Since our project is inspired by the notion of cyber-shamanism, we thought of the outfit a lot. We need to make the audience part of the esoteric cast of neuro-techno-cyber-magicians. The whole game would thus have a simple point: to make humans feel like they understand how the black box of reality really works under the hood. Of course, we are talking about a fictional work, so the nuance between [understanding reality] and {understanding the idea of [understanding reality]} is really thin. That’s why we decided to keep ignoring Jaron Lanier’s prophecies a little while longer, and build a VR game, making the immersion in cyber-shamanism more litteral. The goal is not to limit the project to VR headset owners or museum visitors. On the contrary, we intend to release IoU on Metaleptic’s page. egyptian