There are two of us: Benjamin Efrati and Shu Isaka. At first, this project was about our global culture’s own little Shangri-La : China. Containing all that can be, this country would be a fantastic source of inspiration for french/japanese collaborative work about cyber-shamanism. Our project entitled us to ask ourselves a question: how to create relevant artwork in a country as important and undecypherable? This is how the project was thus initiated in 2019, by a series of brainstorms and the search for chinese art-in-residency applications. We found great support with Arts Council Tokyo, the japanese organism founding our project, and simultaneously were selected for an art residency program at Dimensions Art Center in Chongqing, China.


Supposed to take place from April to June, 2020, we registered our visas, booked our planes. By February, we were ready to go and explore. And then came the pandemic. So we had to postpone to hypothetical June, 2021. As time went by, we considered doing the project somewhere else (Ting Shuo Studio in Taiwan,Tenjin Yama Art Studio in Japan, Cok Malko Collective’s new residency, La Gare in France). By March, 2021, the only reasonable seemed to start with a residency in France. At that point, the Cok Malko Collective accepted to support our project and we were offered a two-week residency in June.

And then, after a couple of PCR tests, and after scanning many geological landscapes / sociological patterns, the project could finally be initiated.