IoU Log 4


IOU log: June 25. Hanging out in Brittany with @shuisaka ,our 3d assets and @wassimhalal. Langon City, day 5.

What can game development be compared with? From the standpoint of cyber-shamanism, games are thought experiments, life experiences or even magic rituals.

How come so many games rely on competition and capitalization? For one thing, gamers have been so accustomed to these approaches that many have become numb to the possibility of poetic expression. Game development frameworks (“engines”) are essentially tools of social replication, enabling anyone to produce a cheesy copy of the most common game mechanics without questioning their intrinsic values. On a pragmatic level, game development can be viewed as plumbing, masonry, or carpentry: it tends to replicate cultural norms while keeping the customer in a certain comfort zone.

On another level, these elements are especially fit for providing engaging feedback : the art of game design revolves around the idea that the player is immersed in feedback loops (A: I can collect objects I pick up - B: I can be better at this than others - C: let’s continue since I have an impact on this world and my dopamine levels are rising).

Without engagement, there is no game. And it seems many of today’s gamers have as low an attention span as they have a huge craving for control. Don’t blame the player, blame the game: after being fed illusion of control for decades, who could expect people to wish for pointless exploration? That is, as long as players are put in a context that shakes down their expectations and habits.

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